Our Story

Our Story


Antico Pizzo, as it’s name implies in Italian, is located on a “little corner” in the heart of Venice. The open air Rialto markets are just a stone’s throw away. Pizzo, as it is fondly called by the locals, has been in this same location for more than 150 yrs.

In the early 1900’s, Hans Barth published a very important guide on “Osterie” in northern Italy. His book beautifully portrays the mood of the times, after the Venetian patriot, Daniele Manin, wretched control of  the narrow alleys of Venice from the Austrians.

Then, as now, the traveler’s eyes were glazed over by the mystical, romantic beauty of the Lagoon. Lord Byron and Françoise-René de Chateaubriand, among others, wrote books describing this desirous, pampered, and unique place. A true metaphor for the city.

Perhaps this is why Barth included Antico Pizzo in his book. He wrote of the spirited owner of Antico Pizzo at that time, “Bianca”, who was “pompously elegant, with a nose like a Dominatrix and ravishingly beautiful.” Barth described “the cheerful atmosphere that pervaded the osteria. “The customers who visit are of a selective crowd. Guided along by their beautiful host.”

Many years have passed, since the trattoria opened and Barth wrote his book. Everyday since then, Antico Pizzo has opened it’s door to the friendly neighbour or the curious tourist in search of food with a soul in a city where pre-made dishes abound.



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