Antico Pizzo allows one to go on an incredible journey that experiences the essence of Italian cooking. Foods, wines, olive oils, spices, cheeses, breads, pastas, fish, prosciutto, and so many uniquely Italian ingredients.

Our menu is a portrait of Italy in food. Burrata from Puglia, bread from Matera, tuna from Sicily, beef from Piedmonte, truffles from Alba, parmigiano in Modena, san daniele from Friuli, Pasta Mata from Trento, clams, mussels, sea bass from Venice.

But not only Italy…
Here you can start out with a few oysters from Normandy, a warm slice of Matrea bread piled with French butter and Spanish anchovies, move onto distinctly Venetian dishes as in Baccalà mantecato (whipped cod fish) or Canestrelli (local baby scallops) served on the gill sizzling with oil, lemon and salt or patanegra from Spain, pork from Lithuania. What ever it is, eating, is a never-ending roller coaster of new, old, futuristic, distinct simultaneously fused tastes.

A sip of a Malvasia, by“L’Orto”, made in Venice, enjoyed with a glorious assortment of small plates upon which are artfully displayed Venetian Specialities turned “upside down”, along side the complex dishes that can’t help but tickle our pallets.
Each bite is an adventure in sensations. A spoonful of small herb-filled ravioli floating in a soup of butter, rolls around sweetly in your mouth, coating your tongue only to be awakened out of it’s languor by an unexpected tangy, eel ketchup. A fried oyster that’s crispy on the outside but once bitten into releases a tsunami of sea water. Hot and crunchy on the outside, sweetly salted on the inside.

With the open markets so close our quest is to always push the boundaries of “typical” Venetian and Italian food. New plates can appear daily. But one thing is certain, every dish is methodically designed and prepared ingredient by ingredient, single or combined, locally fished or grown. Sensation by sensation. Nothing by chance.


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