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Antico Pizzo

ESTd. 1840 Historic Restaurant
traditionally creative              tradizionalmente creativo



Since 2012, we have gone on an incredible journey that has allowed us to experience the essence of Italian cooking. Foods, wines, olive oils, spices, cheeses, breads, pastas, fish, prosciutto, and so many uniquely Italian and Venetian ingredients.

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With the open markets so close and our quest to always push the boundaries of “typical” Venetian and Italian  food, the menu is always changing. New plates can appear daily. But one thing is certain, every dish is methodically designed and prepared ingredient by ingredient, single or combined, locally fished or grown. Sensation by sensation.

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Antico Pizzo’s menu is a portrait of Italy in food. Burrata from Puglia, bread from Matera, tuna from Sicily, beef from Piedmonte, truffles from Alba, parmigiano in Modena, San Daniele from Friuli, Pasta Mata from Trento, clams, mussels, sea bass from Venice.
But not only Italy…

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our Story

Antico Pizzo, as it’s name implies in Italian, is located on a “little corner” in the heart of Venice. The open air Rialto markets are just a stone’s throw away. Pizzo, as it is fondly called by the locals, has been in this same location for more than 150 yrs.

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Everyday Antico Pizzo has opened it’s door to the friendly neighbour or the curious tourist in search of food with a soul in a city where pre-made dishes abound.

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